Nuts and Bolts



Creates detailed models of nuts and bolts with a single click with adjustable parameters.

Free 3ds Max Script.

Versions Requirements for 3ds Max / V-Ray:

Tested on 3ds Max 2020

Script Install :

Drag the script file into 3ds Max. Or click on menu MaxScript->Run Script and select this script. Full info about the script including Introduction / Feature List / Running the Script / Quick Start / Actions Rollout / Settings Rollout / What's new in this version ? / is added in the download file.

Additional Information :

– Single click creation of Nuts, Bolts and Washers
– Creates a text marking on top of the bolt
– Adjustable parameters for diameters, heights, thread pitch/depth etc
– Placement at specified position
– Can link the nut and washer to the bolt
– Can lock some parameters so that the bolts get matching nuts
– Live preview model that changes with settings
– Assign wirecolors to all parts