Debris Maker 2



The Debris Maker is a collection of free scripts for 3ds Max that procedurally generate and sometimes animate geometry – bricks, logs, crystals, gamstones, grass, meteor, planks, riverstones, sandstones, shrapnel, snowflakes, twigs. Intended to help streamline adding detail to a scene, by creating lots of versions of something quickly, that you can edit, or choose from.

Free 3ds Max Script.

  • Version : 2.0
  • Author : Aaron Debelow
  • Support Contact : [email protected]
  • Video Presentation :


Versions Requirements for 3ds Max / V-Ray:

Tested on 3ds Max 2020

Script Install :

Instructions for installing the scripts are in the video (just drag and drop installation file in the 3ds Max viewport).

Script Uninstall :

After you start the same file as for the installation, in the pop-out menu the Un-install button will appear.