Fireplace Tools



Fireplace tools on a metal stand. Bristles are made with VRayFur and they are not exported in .fbx and .obj files, but on this additional file, bristles are replaced with box-type of geometry.


(The converted rates in Euro are an estimate only, and the transaction is always captured in Bulgarian Lev.)

3ds Max File Size : 1,8MB


Polygons : 4509


Native file format : *.max 


Supported rendering engines : V-Ray | Corona


Virus Check : Clean


Published : 05 Feb, 2021


Featured in : Fireplace with Chevron Screen

Real Product Size :

L=25cm / W=25cm / H=90cm

Materials* :


Textures :


Textures Mapping**

UVW Mapped

Main Parts Smoothing***


Files units :


Lowest Supported Version :

3DS Max 2014 (created in 3ds Max 2020)

Additional file formats :

obj / .fbx


* All objects in native file format *.max have V-Ray materials applied. In additionally provided file formats these materials are automatically converted in Standard Materials


** Some parts of the models may be UVW Mapped (for example bolts, nuts, screws …)


*** Some parts of the models may not be ready for smoothing with modifiers as Turbosmooth / OpenSubdiv and rounding and smoothing is done with chamfering method.