Decoration Set – Livingroom 01

24.00лв. 16.80лв.


Set of 3D models for interior decoration. Contains leather strip carpet, magazine, coffee table, three vases with eucalyptus plant and white yarrow.

The room is not part of the set and it’s not included in it.


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3ds Max File Size : 47,2MB


Polygons : 197877


Native file format : *.max 


Supported rendering engine : V-Ray


Virus Check : Clean


Published : 25 Nov, 2019



Carpet Size:

L=200cm / W=140cm / H=1,8cm

Coffee Table Size:

L=40cm / W=40cm / H=40cm

Vases Size:

L=20cm / W=15cm / H=21cm

Flowers Size:

L=65cm / W=35cm / H=57cm

Magazine Size:

L=48cm / W=42cm / H=2cm

Materials* :


Textures :


Textures Mapping** :

Unwrapped + UVW Mapped

Main Parts Smoothing*** :

OpenSubdiv + Chamfer

Files units :


Lowest Supported Version :

3DS Max 2014 (created in 3ds Max 2020)

Additional file formats :

.obj / .fbx


* All objects in native file format *.max have V-Ray materials applied. In additionally provided file formats these materials are automatically converted in Standard Materials


** If “Textures Mapping” status is “UVW Mapped” or “Unwrapped + UVW Mapped“, for some parts of the 3D model (or the entire 3D model), texture coordinates may be created with a modifier like UVW Map Modifier


*** If Main “Parts Smoothing” status is “Chamfer” or “OpenSubdiv + Chamfer “, some parts of the 3D model (or the entire 3D model) may not be ready for smoothing with modifiers as Turbosmooth / OpenSubdiv and rounding and smoothing may be done with a chamfering method with no supportive edges.